3 People in the Field of Digital Media and a Little About Them!

I’ve found a few people who are in Digital Media.

One of them is a man named July Lopez. I found this man on the Web and he has over 20 years of motion graphics animation experience. He has Emmy awards and The Peabody Award. He’s worked for MTV, ABC News, ABC World News Tonight, 20/20, ESPN Sports,  Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, Today Show, The Daily Show with John Stewart, and Finally  he now works for Company Man Studios. He enjoys spending his free time off the computer.

The next one is Eric Hankins. I found him on the Web and he made his first website at age 13 about Sim-City 2000. Eric moved to Kansas City after being in Omaha for 4 years. He loves to read, listen to music, and go to concerts. He now works for Red Nova Labs.

the Final one is Ryan Troxler I found him on the Web and he was born in South Carolina, but raised in Douglass, Kansas. His Dad made him pursue a degree at K-State because he said he “was too smart to waste his talents in a gym as a personal trainer.” While at K-State, Ryan fell in love with his degree. Ryan named three things he couldn’t live without “My soon to be wife, my son, and my Olympic weightlifting equipment.”

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