AboutMe, Informative

My Degree and Where I Might Want to Work in the Future! Part 1

I am going to school for my Bachelor’s in Digital Media and I plan to go back to school for a degree in animation. A job I plan to get in a 2 years is a Graphic Designer job, and this one I found is in Overland Park, KS by ARY Inc.

The responsibilities I would have would be to collaborate with other people about how to increase sales and execute design and brand decisions. Use templates to create email campaigns, manuals, spec sheets and other print and digital marketing materials, ensuring creative assets are delivered on-brand. Assist in developing and coordinating marketing materials for events. Assist in developing creative concepts for photo shoots, editing product images, and formatting correctly for desired medium. Assist with packaging and website design and continual enhancements. Analyze the advertising and direct communications for our brands, as well as our competition, and make creative adjustment recommendations based upon findings.

A little about ARY Incs. Website is that it brings a unique collection of innovative brands and products to market. Each brand has its own identity and purpose, providing a variety of product lines including: Professional grade vacuum sealers for the home or workplace kitchen knife blocks, cutlery, and accessories, shoe and sports gear sanitizers, children’s luggage, stationary, and accessories. ARY Inc. is a small organization in the non-durable goods companies industry located in Kansas City, MO. It opened its doors in 2010 and now has an estimated $175,000 in yearly revenue.

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