AboutMe, Informative

My Degree and Where I Might Want to Work in the Future! Part 2

After I graduate from college with my bachelor’s degree in Digital Media (Congratulations Future Me). I plan to get a Senior Producer job. With this Job I’m able to drive more in my field and have a little more to do and say. I still have the same responsibilities in the sales and executing designs, as well as team work  in the other one, but i have to push harder with other systems and designs in this job. With this job I’m able to learn more about my software and how to use it. As well as connect with people and get things done. I have to be organized and have a sense of humor. I have to be able to travel and be flexible with my schedule.

The job is located in Kansas City, MO and is from VML Inc. VML was created in 1992, it consisted of the founders, John Valentine, Scott McCormick, and Craig Ligibel. Who set out to create a closely integrated agency that was more versatile, nimble, and embraced collaboration with clients. VML is simply a combination of the founders’ last initials that created the agency’s name.

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