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My Degree and Where I Might Want to Work in the Future! Part 3

When I got my Animating Degree I plan to take my Job even Farther. Becoming an Animator / Motion Artist is really close to what I’ve always wanted to do. In this job I’ll be able to create storyboards with creative ideas and create videos with audio in animation. My job requirements are 3 years experience as a designer / animator, being able to edit with adobe, being able to composite, ability to meet deadlines and provide Account Executives with a good sense of timing throughout the animation, comfortable handling multiple projects from beginning to end and creating inspired solutions with tight and changing deadlines, likes detail, is professional around others, excellent listening, written and verbal communication skills, able to work well with others and work without supervision, and able to helps others and responds well when you get good feedback.

The work environment is an open office. Collaboration and Interruptions are common. Daily work is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Additional hours may be needed on an As Needed Basis.

The location is in Tampa, FL, and is Company Man Studios. The founder of the Company is Rob Tiisler he has more than 20 years of work experience in production, animation, advertising, and branding.

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