Elements of Design

Space, lines, shapes, and values are important in a designers life, because we need these aspects to create other things and be creative in a unique way. To stand out is key.

Space can be used for the spacing of objects to the spacing of words and letters. Let it be kerning, leading, indenting, and even size, to bold, italics, formatting, and headings. Spacing to images is important too, because you don’t want to over space or under space, also you don’t want to make your image too large or too small, maybe distorting the image.

Lines are really important to start the creative aspect of something or even anything. Lines are in everything and they are what we see to be justifiable to make shapes, space, and values. They are what makes a creative person and a creative thing take off.

Shapes are lines making an object. Shapes can develop an image of your likes or be completely random. Wire-frame and Web-mapping are important to shape because it gives you a general concept of organization. Color helps a lot with shapes. Just look at your apps, they do general size and fundamental color schemes, as well as small pictures. You should be organized with your shapes and not get cluttered, too many shapes can be a bad thing.

Values are seriously important, whether it be dark or light, or shading, maybe tint and hues. Values show you when something ends and another thing begins, yet don’t get crazy your values can become overwhelming. Just be a little simplistic by adding a few shadows and maybe spicing things up with a glow, however make sure there in the right place at the right time and not random.


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