Born into Brothels

I like to personally say my reaction about this documentary and how I would recommend it to others.

This documentary is interesting and chilling to the bone with truth. Whether you accept that truth or not is up to you. A photojournalist named Zana Briski went to india into the Sonagachi Red-Light District or the Biggest Red-Light District, a sex orientated place, with illegal liquor shops, prostitution, and drugs. She lived there trying to help out a few kids named Kochi, Tapasi, Suchitra, Puja, Manik, Shanti, Avijit, and Gour by teaching them to taking pictures. Some showed talent others had to develop it. While she taught these kids photography she was also trying to get them into boarding schools and away from the Red-Light District’s ways. This way the kids could get a proper education and not be directed into illegal actions. A few kids only managed to actually get accepted while 1 specific kid got a trip to Amsterdam to represent the class.

Kochi: Kochi got accepted into a boarding school called New Hope, she graduated and her education was sponsored so she could continue to study in the U.S. She graduated and is doing well.

Puja: Puja went to New Hope but ended up dropping out. She than became a huge sex worker that involve powerful people, but pay her a lot of money. This means that she cannot leave them, no matter what, however. She is doing well.

Avijit: Avijit was the one who went to Amsterdam and represented the whole class, he also went to boarding school, graduated, and than went to college at New York University for Filmmaking. He is doing well.



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