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Superpower #DS106

Personally, I don’t have a super power, and I don’t really believe anybody does, which is why we dream and try to be creative.

Yet, I would prefer to have the invisibility power, and that may sound typical, however let me explain.

Invisability is a force type power, or an illusion type power, in which you either cloak yourself to your surroundings or you just turn invisible tell you lose focus/let focus go.

Force: if it involves force than you can easily switch the power up and make so you can push or pull stuff, maybe even a small force field depending on your figure. Think of it as an invisible playdoh arm, it can be manipulated into however you want it, but it has its limits.

Illusion: if it is illusion, which is more realistic, you’d not only be able to turn invisible, but create illusionnary objects as well, like a flower in someone’s hand that isn’t actually there. Technically all you’re doing is tricking the eyes.

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