#DS106, Creative, Informative

What I think about Superhero’s #DS106

Personally I could careless about superhero’s, however I do believe that they are an amazing marketing strategy and have endless possibilities.

since you can technically turn basically anything (and I mean anything) into a super power it makes the possibilities endless to what you can do, comedy- make a toaster man and how he solves problems with his spontaneous toast power, romantic and action- make a flower man and how he attracts a certain woman with his flower power, but beats and evil villain up who thinks his power is ridiculous, horror- have a band of superhero’s start suddenly losing their powers and when they do they go crazy, they can solve the problem or not, your choice.

You pretty much have an entire plethora of options, you don’t even have to give them names. What we find unnatural is what is pretty much considered a superpower. Anything that seems out of everyday life and you got a story.

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