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Lab 1: Digital Infrastructure & Electricity

Jayce Hovis­         8-24-17
My objective is to make the DC motor correctly and with no problems at all, and that’s easier said than done.
Equipment list:
– Copper wire
– Sandpaper or scissors
– Magnetic paperclips
– Styrofoam Cup
– A Small Magnet
Notes and Observations:
I observed him placing a built copper ring with 2 prongs (one sticking out on each end,) on a piece of paper in which he explained as he grabbed a pair of scissors and scrapped of a little bit of copper lining of the pronged end of one side (about an in. in,) he then proceeded to flip it over and scrapped off the copper lining again, (same end and same side.) He did this tell it was shinny all the way around the prong. He reversed to the other pronged side and only scraped of the copper lining off one side. (This is how it will spin.) He then put it onto two bent paperclips that looked like U’s taped onto each side of a Styrofoam cup that will hold each prong of the copper ring in place. He got a small magnet and taped it underneath the copper ring and he then hooked up an electrical charge and surprise, surprise, nothing happened. For the next hour we than built our own copper rings and tried them out in which we all failed.
How does the copper ring spin?
Answer ~ The shiny part is copper and that is magnetic, while the the orange part in which you are scraping off is the insulation to it, make sure you don’t scrape it all off though, then it will just be a current, and flow right through it. If you leave just a little bit of insulation on one side it will spin, because than it can hold a charge and it won’t just flow through.
In conclusion I believe we all failed because we did not balance our copper rings properly, It seems that the most important step seems to be that if your current doesn’t pass through easily it will have too much resistance and it will not spin. I did not make mine correctly, making it uneven on one side. I pretty much learned in this lab that if it is not 95% right your DC motor will not work, its tough but you gotta be patient with it.

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