Assignment Bank 4 #DS106 (3 star)

I moved to “Here Kitty Kitty” (interesting name) in the Visual area this time.

Now right away I know you notice cats, okay let me tell you I totally forgot the name when I did this assignment bank and when I looked back I laughed so hard, because there are not just cats. They are Kittylocirapators and they are very, very dangerous. they not only hunt in packs of 2-5, but have seen up to 50 with a “felinawomanese.” (aka old cat ladies) They can hunt and kill with a swift bite to the neck and you best hope you have a ball of yarn on you for each one. Oh and there top running speed is 100-150 mph.

If you want to try it yourself and do way better than I did, you can find it here,

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