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Daily Create #DS106 #tdc2078

I participated in the daily create today with this GIF,

A little bit more information, is that yes I have been to the Hospital, several times, some very dangerous and all life threatening. For you see I was an epileptic teen at the time. 13 years old I would say. I had not been a very good kid either, pretty spoiled and got what I wanted most of the time, unless it was outlandish of course. but I than had an Epileptic attack at my grandma’s house who happened to be a nurse. I than rode in the back of an ambulance to Wichita, having an attack for more than 4 straight hours. When I finally awoke the next day I decided that I really need to appreciate my family and stuff more, because sometimes it’s all your going to have.

Sorry for the long post. Go ahead and feel free to share your thoughts on the Daily Create, if you don’t want to than I don’t blame you!

If you would like to participate in the Daily Create, follow them on twitter at https://twitter.com/ds106dc.

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