#DS106, Creative, Informative

Summary 4







This week I’ve done a ton of assignment banks and daily creates just cause I can.

It’s fun to see what you can do and be creative in what you make with these, and you don’t just have to end with doing one, why not bring it back up again, or even redo it to make it better some time later.

In the daily create 2076 I used the paint tool and just drew dots all over the place, in 2078 I just looked for a GIF that kinds described my moment I was talking about, (in no way did I make that GIF and or take credit for it,) and in 2079 I grabbed a picture of a paperback book I felt was suiting the idea I wanted and changed the title. The daily creates are suppose to be simple fast and easy, please do not overthink these, unless of course you want too.

Now for the Assignment banks which are harder and take longer, #3 I used adobe InDesign and within that drew and duplicated everything with the pen tool, I also made the writing and angled in the software too. I finally transferred it to Photoshop and added a background to it.

#4 I used Photoshop and a bunch of different images. All I did was use a background image, velociraptor claws and tail, and a house cat standing up photo. I used the selection wand for 90% of this, as well as copy and paste.

#5 I used Adobe Illustrator one of my favorite programs and grabbed a poem about life and death in which I felt was interesting, (I usually write my own poems, however I didn’t have the time, sorry 😦 !) I than blacked out the background, wrote the poem, and decided to draw the background how I felt it would look. I like this one a lot and might do it some more in the future.

That’s everything for this week, if you feel interested in anything go ahead and check it it all out at these locations!



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