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Learning Reflection 4

This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about Topologies, protocols, and addresses.

No, no, no, not your typical addresses, MAC addresses and IP Addresses. We talked about Mac addresses and how the first 6 digits or 24-bits (AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA,) are the manufactures address. This tells you who made your product and the last 6 digits or 24 bits are your devices unique number.

Not only did we learn about Mac addresses and IP addresses, but we also learned about Topologies.

Bus Topologies: A bus topology is in a straight line, however can cause some problem due to so called “Collisions.” Collisions are when the computer in the back sends a signal, but the computer in the front sends a signal too, so the 2 signals end up colliding, the signal ends up a mess, and becomes useless.

Bus Topology

Ring Topologies: A ring topology is in a circle and when somebody sends a signal the next computer or network in line will receive it, and than send it to the next, than to the next, until it gets to where it wants to go.

Ring Topology

Star Topologies: Star topology is when computers are all linked up to a central control point. When they send signals it goes straight to the control point and than picks which computer it wants to go too.

Star Topology

Mesh Topologies: Mesh topology is when each Network node is connected directly to another network. As you can see there is a bunch of lines in this ring topology, except these lines connect to specific computers and not to every computer. In order to prevent a lot of collisions this is a must.

Mesh Topology

Special Token Ring Topologies: A token ring topology is a ring topology with a special edition to prevent collisions from happening in the ring topology. A computer with the “Token” is the one who can send signals and nobody else can, think of it as a game, you have a time limit to do what you need to do. After your time limits gone it moves on to the next person in line and you have to wait or prepare.

Token Ring

Finally I posted some stuff on Diigo.com. Don’t know what it is go visit and give it a try.

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