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Learning Reflection 5

This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about TCP/IP networks, Routers Protocols, and switches.

Some Routing Protocols include:

  • Interior Gateway Protocols
  • Typically used by the same entity/organization
  • Exterior Gateway Protocols
  • Distance Vector = Limited size, older, slower – R.I.P. Routing Information Protocol
  • Link State = Newer, faster, unlimited – B.G.P. Border Gateway Protocol

While TCP/IP Networks are:

  • Server = Hardware and Software
  • File-servers
  • Print Servers
  • Time Servers
  • Domain Name Servers (DNS) = Converts name to IP Addresses
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – Assign IP addresses
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol – Username and Password
  • Web Server
  • File Transfers

This week I was the designated note taker and posted the notes on  ksunetworking.wikispaces.com, if you want to know what notes they are go ahead and click the link.


Finally I posted some stuff on Diigo.com. Don’t know what it is go visit and give it a try.

*Psst: It’s a site where you can get some cool info sharing from other cool people, need to know something, ask, and get a direct link to a website. Pretty cool, huh!

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