#DS106, Creative

Assignment Bank 7 #DS106 (2 Star)


I did “Common Everyday Object” Visual assignment and came up with this result.

In this assignment you are supposed to take a picture of an everyday object and adjust its Hue/Saturation.

I chose a powerful tool for everyday life…the pencil. Not only do we take advantage for such a tool, but we also use it poorly. The pencil is suppose to be used to take down what you need to, or take down what is fun/creative, and/or on your mind. But what’s it used for now? Still a lot, love letters, poster boards, Art, notes, homework, to calm down, to chew on, to let your mind go on paper with, for tricks, for fun, and for memories. We not only use the pencil for tons of things, but we use it for our lifestyle, and without it we wouldn’t be who we are now!

If you want to try it yourself and do way better than I did, you can find it here, http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/common-everyday-object-2/

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