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Where do YOU think Photography is Heading?


I believe Photography is heading down a dark path and will probably never recover. Snap and send, snap and send, snap and send, is all we see anymore and nothing about how we enjoyed what we did, or take our time in what we have. We even take pictures for no reason at all to where they get deleted and we never see them again. Pictures used to be used for memory, happiness, and for future reference / reason. Not anymore!
Today it’s used mostly for…well, because we have it, and I really can’t think of any other reason. If you have nothing else to do “selfie,” first time experience… must have a picture of it! People nowadays don’t enjoy things before they go and take a picture of it. You used to be careful with what you took, now its carefree with what you take. Snap and send!

I always try to find a way to think outside the box of photographs, however I have just stood there and take a picture of a tree to see if I could get a good picture, nowadays we can take pictures and if we mess up, we just get rid of them. Have you ever taken a picture on a high level camera just to get the ISO level and contrast right? I pretty sure that’s the first thing I do every time I grab my camera. If we had old cameras in our hands you wouldn’t even be able to tell if the picture would come out, because it had a set ISO and contrast setting. You had to change your environment to get a good picture not the other way around.

There are good sides and bad sides to technology advancing in cameras, We can take pictures wherever we want and get some great photos, beautiful, out-of-this-world photos. Yet if everybody is a photographer, who’s the professional photographer? They come out to be harder and harder to find. Due to nobody wanting to enter that field, everybody thinks they can do the same thing a professional photographer can, and eventually they will be able too.

Right now I believe photography is just being reinvented, even though all it takes is one picture and Photoshop to make a good picture. Photography is being reinvented because people don’t want to see normal images, they want to see crazy images in crazy ways, but without braking the laws of photography… challenging to say the least. I believe now you have to go into photography with a creative mind and an open casket, because if you don’t it will surely close and you will get buried.



2 thoughts on “Where do YOU think Photography is Heading?”

  1. I agree, normal stuff doesn’t work. Everyone is up to something crazy. However, a pro photographer is the one who’s able to tell a story or convey some emotion through the photo and this still works and ever will.


    1. I completely agree with you! A pro photographer will be able to do everything, while people won’t. Which is why I plan to teach my kids how to take proper photographs and to enjoy a picture!
      ~Thanks for the comment!

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