Informative, Lab

Lab 4

Jayce Hovis­         9-20-17
My objective is to connect to the other team with protocols and the router/switch. Once we do that we also need to do a set of Commands to make sure we are connected correctly.
Equipment list:
– Switch
– Ethernet cables
– Router
– Power cords
– Computers
n (no – we do not wish to auto configure the router, we want to
manually configure it)
en (activates enable mode letting us configure the router)
config t (tells the router to configure using the terminal)
int e0 (configuring interface Ethernet 0, use f0 for FastEthernet 0)
ip add nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn sss.sss.sss.sss (add the IP address & subnet)
no shutdown
router rip (enables the routing protocol)
copy run start (saves running configuration)
show run (shows the running configuration)
Notes and Observations:
We ended up with huge teams in this lab, and I would recommend at least having 1 or 2 people.
We grabbed a switch and router, paired up into teams, and get everything plugged in. We got the computer ready and finally started setting up our own IP address, subnet masks, and gateways. There was only a B and C in this lab, so we split up 3 on C and 2 on B. Everybody has to have a unique IP address so we all ended up with,,, they ended up with,, Subnet mask for us was and theirs was *This is a must for B and C. Gate ways have to be unique but the same throughout the computers like the Subnet mask. Ours was and theirs was
Once all that is done, we hooked up our routers to both switches, and than hooked up both teams computer’s Ethernet cables to the switches. You should now be able to talk to each other via **CMD on the computer. We were able to communicateto each other. We finally started talking to the router through the switch with the commands above.
**CMD search CMD on the Home button and it will pop up with a black command prompt, this is how people can manually override computers. Use ping and the IP address to talk to each other. (FYI: You do not actually talk to each other.)
This was a different lab and taught me a lot about how quickly a router and switch communicate. Routers do a lot of work.

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