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Photo Manipulation


Photo Manipulation is everywhere now and is impacting our everyday life! But how do YOU feel about that?

In my opinion I feel photo manipulation isn’t a problem, unless it involves completely destroying the original picture and/ or is lying to me about what the original picture was. If you are going to manipulate something, I feel it should be on a small level, and not on a seriously high manipulation. When you manipulate something to a high extent you get a completely different outcome from the original image.

The reason I’m saying it like this is because you can take a picture and you don’t like it, but now we can change that picture into something you do like within 3 button presses. I feel if that’s what you did, than why did you take the picture in the first place? Now the picture has no meaning, it has no reason to be there, and it most certainly has a huge lie about it.

Now don’t get me wrong Photo Manipulation can certainly be helpful, redness of eyes can be taken out, people can make there face look nicer, but why would you completely change you figure, height, clothes even. It just doesn’t make sense to me that you wish for something you don’t have, but you can’t accept what you do have.

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