Informative, Lab

Lab 5

Jayce Hovis­         10-5-17
My objective is to learn how a router, switch, and server operate to make a system work.
Equipment list:
– Tables (The one with columns and rows, not actual tables)
– Switch –>
– Router —> (All these of these can be pictures)
– Server –>
– Envelope and scratch paper
Notes and Observations:
We ended up with 1 huge team that involved everybody’s participation in this lab, and I would recommend at least having 2 or 3 people, however the more the merrier.
Everybody got around a big table and decided how they were going to participate. 2 became switches, with their switch tables. 2 became routers, with their router tables. We got the paper ready and finally started setting up our own *IP address, subnet masks, and gateways. **Everybody has to have a unique IP address. Once all that is done, we hooked up our routers to both switches, our switches were wireless, so we didn’t have to deal with string. We were able to communicate to each other. The routers must be connected to only a switch and the other routers. The switch, wireless or not, must be connected to everything else, or everything to it. The routers with their routing table may now write down the other routers Mac Address, (can be anything.) You will than tell somebody to send a message, (again can be anything.) The message should be written on the scratch paper, than put into the envelope, and the envelope must have the destination of the router, in-which the router would change the destination. It would go through the switch; using the switch table it can now write down that persons Mac Address. Now the switch knows that person is there. The switch will than search for it and if it’s on the same gateway, than you should be able to send it no problem, however if it goes to the other side of the router, it must go through both routers. Once through both routers, it goes to the switch, and than the switch will send it to everybody to see if it goes anywhere in that location. If they are there it will send it to them, however the switch does not write that persons Mac Address, due to it being sent there and not received from there. That is how it works. We ended up sending multiple messages and even caused a collision.
*Please note that you can choose anything for your IP address, subnet masks, and gateways. We personally used initials, due to the amount of people.
**Also remember that everybody must have a unique IP address, and the subnet mask and gateways are determined by the router. Everybody’s gateway must match on one side of the router, meaning there can be multiple gateways, but they have to be separated by a router.
 This lab was very fun and interesting. I liked that everybody got to participate. This lab is very flexible and can be used to get a point across very easily.

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