#DS106, Creative

The Haunting at the Willington Mill #DS106 #tdc2096


There was a distant sound coming from under the bridge…

“What!? Somebody shouldn’t be out this late,” said the guardsman who was standing post by the bridge.

“I haven’t seen anyone new come to town… and the townsfolk all know about the curfew,” he said to himself.

The guardsman peering over the edge of the bridge with a lantern in his hand said, “Who goes there!?”

…No answer…

I said, “WHO GOES THERE?!” The guardsman now getting tired of whoever’s doing this.

“If you come up here now, I might not arrest you, but if I have to go down there, I swe-.”

Stay……….Stay away………,” a voice called out of from under the bridge.

The guardsman shivers as if there was a cold breeze, but it is a windless day.

“Ma…Maybe it’s just the Summer night that’s getting to me. Yeah! That’s it, must be the night.” The guardsman tried to reassure himself.

“I coming down there and you better surrender!”

The guardsman started walking around the bridge to get to the riverside that bordered the town. On his way he heard the voice again, but this time clearly.

I said…stay away… if you don’t you will suffer consequences…

“If anybody’s going to be suffer consequences it going to be you,” The guardsman said.

“haha….heehe……well why don’t we see than.”

The voice seemed hostile, so the guardsman pulled out his halberd and proceeded underneath the bridge.

Next Morning:

“Hey, have you seen Jackson? He didn’t come back into the town this morning for breakfast,” The sheriff said to the mother. “I was hoping maybe he came here.”

No… that is odd… Jackson never misses breakfast.” The woman said, “maybe he still thinks he is on watch, or got stuck talking to a cute woman.”

The Sheriff smirks out the door. “I guess I’ll check his post.”

The Sheriff walked towards the bridge and saw nothing, “Maybe he’s being lazy and fell asleep under the bridge.”

The sheriff walked under the bridge and saw a horrific sight!

“Jackson was HANGED!” The Sheriff yelled, and proceeded to run towards the town…

“Heheehee……I warned you…..,” was all that was said and nobody heard.


A short story I made up of “The Haunting at the Willington Mill.

Who was it, the ghost… NO!?! It couldn’t be, ghost aren’t… real!?! What about a bandit, but why didn’t they raid them…, what about somebody who lived in the town! That has got to be it!?

What do you think?

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