#DS106, Informative

Radio Program Idea’s


Pay to Play – Music Station: A music station that will read live tweets/ messages/ phone calls. Plays the music that the customers pay for, otherwise if not paid for they will play what they like. Can refuse any donation. I would say this only occurs during a special day and/or time.

Off-Topic Station: A station that is not afraid to talk about any topic. Topics can swing dramatically, from one conversion to something completely different. Can also do the special donation, where instead of music is a topic.

Gossip Station: Kind of like above, but instead talks about what everybody else is talking about. Can include rumors, false accusations, some news, and anything that is important to the listeners at that time. Gives opinions, so this station is based off people who may agree or completely disagree with your statements

News Station: Talks about News of course. Can be changed into something unique.

Super Station: A station that talks and plays songs only about superheros. Can get heated quickly based on your opinion, so be careful.

Enviro-Station: A station that talks about only environmental topics and how people use it to their advantage. Can easily be opinionated due to everybody having completely different viewpoints on what is right/ wrong. But can also be used to relay information and organizations towards people.

Don’t be afraid to combine anything to what you may like.

Give me some of your ideas and I might post it here!

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