#DS106, Informative

The Man from Krypton


Does this piece still work in our media-saturated culture today?

Absolutely! I completely agree that audio story’s are masterpieces. I takes a lot of work to make a story with only sound and you can picture it pretty much how you want.

I believe if done right they will be heard. Even though I believe doesn’t mean it will work. People like watching something as they listen instead of imagining their own scenarios and characters. If you can create what you believe is it than you will be happy, however if someone else’s viewpoint is forced unto yours, you will be angry. A lot of people don’t like movies nowadays, mainly because of there story lines, however not everybody likes the same character, scenario, sounds. I believe doing audio story lines are not bad at all, still to this day. I feel they won’t be used in the future.

This piece is amazing and how it describes so much throughout the story. The sound effects are put in exceptionally well and it immerses you. I enjoyed it.

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