Lab 6

Jayce Hovis­         10-12-17
My objective is to create a homepage, a web server, and a FTP User account to lock it down.
Equipment list:
– 2 Computers
– Apache
What is the most popular type of web server in operation during the last decade? Has this always been the case? Describe the growth and evolution of web servers over the past ten years.
No, Apache used to be the top.
10 years ago Microsoft was little compared to Apache and than in 2014 Microsoft exploded and Apache plummeted.
Explain how the number of registered names has grown and how the web server software preferences have evolved?
There are multiple web server software company’s, but Microsoft is at 51% and Apache is at 18% with Nginx right behind at 17%.
What do you think of when you hear the word server?
A computer program
What makes a server a server?
A server manager all network resources
What things can servers serve?
What is the difference between a client and a server?
Server’s are connection points and give the client data so the can serve out the request.
Client’s usually serve out the request.
What is a TCP port used for?
an endpoint for logical connections to transfer data.
What port do FTP servers run on?
What port do Web servers run on?
What is the corresponding IP address of “localhost” loopback address? What is the purpose of the loopback address?
Mainly for testing to see if you can send a message to other computers, if it does not work than you cannot come into contact with other computers.
What does FTP stand for?
File Transfer Protocol
What is FTP used for?
For transferring files to other networks.
When was FTP first introduced or developed?
Notes and Observations:
This lab went by pretty quick, we had to make a homepage in html. It didn’t have to be pretty. It could be just 1 image or a couple lines of text. We than downloaded the Apache software from the Apache link. (now it will say XAMPP, which is all of them, which is what we used. Don’t worry this is perfectly fine software and is easily delectable.) We opened the software and changed our localhost to 8000 in of 80. by doing this we would be able to run the software with no problems. we used the CMD prompt to test the localhost in which worked. (localhost:8000.) Our professor needed all of our IP addresses so he could display our homepages. Finally we activated the FTP server and made a login. In which we’d only know, this stopped people from opening our websites without proper username and password.
The lab was pretty straight forward and quick. I was pretty intrigued with the ending of this lab, because I’ve always wanted to generate a website in which is login based.

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