Informative, Lab

Lab 7

Jayce Hovis­         11-2-17
Our objective was to create a working network in which we could play an old game called Unreal Tournament.
Equipment list:
–At least 2 Computers
–Ethernet cables and Extension cords
–Paper and pencil to plan your design
Notes and Observations:
We ended up with 1 huge team that involved everybody’s participation in this lab, and I would recommend at least having 2 or 3 people, however the more the merrier.
We designed our network like a star topology and than wrote who went where, who was what address, and finally who was doing what.
After that was all done we were finally able to start building the network. We grabbed a main switch and put it in the middle to hold everybody’s network and than gave everybody a single switch and a single router. This was to designate there own domain and so we could reduce collisions. Finally we used extension cords and Ethernet cables to connect to each switch, router, and finally the main switch.*
Once we pinged each other to make sure everybody’s connected and ready to go. We downloaded the game Unreal Tournament and had some fun on our own server.
*Please be aware that they must be connected properly or your network will not work.
This was a fun lab and I would strongly recommend it to people, businesses, and/or events that needed a secure network that needed to be made.
This lab got its point across pretty efficiently.

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