#DS106, Creative

Assignment Bank 14 #DS106 (4 Star)

*Let me tell you someone rated this 2 stars and unless you edit 6-10 minutes of video everyday of your life, “this is NOT a 2 star assignment.” So I took it upon myself to make it right up the alley of 4 stars. in which sounds a lot better.

Anyway I did “Video Essay” Video Assignment.

In this assignment bank we had to grab a video and make comment about several things in these films. I grabbed a documentary called “Superheros,” in which was about real life superheroes.

Due to copyright reasons I can’t post the original video.

I had to use Adobe Premiere Pro and a nifty app on my phone called Voice Recorder.

Believe it or not I started off watching the documentary! I picked several scenes I wanted to talk about. I made several notes on key points. I then downloaded the video and started cutting it at the parts I decided I wanted, of course you are going to have to adjust because you either talk to much or not enough. I went back and forth with the editing sometimes deleting everything I edited to start over. It has to flow or your video will look beaten up and trashy and mine still isn’t good, however it is the best I can do without someone right next to me teaching tips and tricks.

My final result is below.

If you want to try it yourself and do way better than I did, you can find it here, http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/video-essay/

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