Informative, Lab

Lab 8

Jayce Hovis­ 11-29-17

Objectives: My objective was to create a video that was cut well and edited well, with all criteria made.

Equipment List:
– Computer
– Video Editing Software
– To understand Copyright
– YouTube Account

Notes And Observations:

We went to this link, we than downloaded that video and were supposed to cut it at the point in between where he isn’t smiling and he is smiling. When we finished with that small clip we, than were suppose to look for a creative commons search on Flickr and get an image about networking and put it in there as well. We were also suppose to put some kind of music in the background. Finally we needed to upload the video to YouTube.



Which Creative commons licenses are acceptable for this lab?

Everything that allows change,

Which are Attribution, Attribution-ShareALike, Attribution-Noncommercial, and Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareALike.

Which Creative commons licenses are Not?

Anything that doesn’t allow change,

Which are Attribution-Noderivs, and Attribution-Noncommercial-Noderivs.


This Lab teaches you a bit about the basics of video editing. It’s quite nice and I wish I had it sooner in life.

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