#DS106, Creative

Assignment Bank 16 #DS106 (4 Star)

I did “Photo Mash” Mashup Assignment.

Short story on how I took this picture, it’s pretty interesting, let me tell you.

I picked up Rambo who was hitchhiking and The Mad Hatter I saw skipping down the road. I told them I was fans and that it would be cool to get a nice photo for my blog, and they both agreed, luckily there was a forest nearby and Rambo got into his position with his M-60, (in which I didn’t even realize he had on him or I wouldn’t have remotely picked him up.) The Mad Hatter decided to just roam around and do nothing while we tried giving him orders.  Finally Rambo grew restless and said he had to be somewhere and started shooting at the Mad Hatter, I decided to get a picture, (because I’m dumb and didn’t think that Rambo killing Mad Hatter was important at the time, oops…)

(Do it for the Blog!) (P.S. If you couldn’t tell that story is completely false!)

Moving on…

I had to use Adobe Photoshop and mix 2 images together…again, but this time they had to be actors! They also had to match their environment, meaning the Easter Bunny can’t be on the moon. As you can see I grabbed Rambo and the Mad Hatter, in which they have both been in the jungle at one point, so I used the jungle as a location. I cut Rambo out of his picture and Mad Hatter out of his picture, put them in the jungle picture, resized, re-perspectived, and new lighting. Since it was in the jungle I din’t want to dim the lighting or make the camera bad to make my Photoshop look better, so it took some time to cut to make it look better.

If you want to try it yourself and do way better than I did, you can find it here, http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/photo-mash/

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