Lab 9

Jayce Hovis­ 12-15-17


My objective was to make a network and than fix it after someone messes it up.

Equipment List:
– 3 Computers
– 2 Routers
– 3 Switches
– And a bunch of Cables

Notes And Observations:

You can do this in a group or do this by yourself, just make sure you’re not messing it up by yourself.

We first created our own networks with our computers by changing there IP addresses, subnet masks, and Gateways. We than connected all the cables to the wall or to a power strip. We downloaded Hyper-terminal and opened our switches. One computer to each switch, One switch to each router, and no computers to any routers. So it should be computer–>switch–>router–>switch–>computer–>(same switch)–>router–>switch–>computer

We than connected everybody via hyper-terminal, we only used the outside computers. Once connected we finally left the room and had someone mess with all the stuff. Once they were done we went back in and not only had to re-build the network, but we had to understand what the problems were.



This was a great lab in understanding/learning how a network is built and taken down so quickly, one little mishap and it can be easily fixed if you understand the network, but if not, good luck.

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