#DS106, Creative

I Designed A Logo Final

I decided to design my own logo and came up with these results, please feel free to give me some of your thoughts/ideas.


I decided to design a Logo and this is what I came up with.

Everything was made by me and/or CC0, in which means i was able to re-modify and use it. The Black vine and Red roses would be the Logo Stamp. While Rose Industries would be the name.


I felt the vines looked better with the spooky theme on Giphy, so I left it that way. I also added the animation of “Typing”.


I added the animation of “The Ole Switcholroo” style.


Same ole Switcherolroo typing style, but with a different animation.


I added a glitch animation, to not make it look so bland. I still feel like it needs more though. We all need simple animations sometimes.


I love this animation. It’s simple but show’s impact. I felt if I added more it would be too much, however I feel if the vines go towards the bottom and/or top it would be better.

All GIF’s were helped provided by https://giphy.com/

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