Hello, my name is Jayce Hovis,

I’ve had 3 jobs, all at grocery stores, I’ve worked since I was fifteen, my jobs are not super stressful, but can easily become over 40 hours in a short time.

My area of study is Digital Media, I plan to know how to program and be creative in my field with it, but I’m not stopping there, I also plan to learn about animation 3-D and 2-D so I can go anywhere in my field. I also want to learn Japanese. (This is just a personal goal of mine and really has no affect on my degree.)

I like to play games, read, write, work, try new things, and above all else learn.
I love stories or anything with an interesting experience/ I can learn about.

~Thank you for your Time and Consideration
~Jayce Hovis

If you have any questions about me, please feel free to ask,

(Warning! NO personal questions, please and thank you!)

check out my Contact page!