Lab 9

Jayce Hovis­ 12-15-17 Objectives: My objective was to make a network and than fix it after someone messes it up. Equipment List: – 3 Computers – 2 Routers – 3 Switches – And a bunch of Cables Notes And Observations: You can do this in a group or do this by yourself, just make sure... Continue Reading →

Lab 7

Jayce Hovis­         11-2-17 Objectives: Our objective was to create a working network in which we could play an old game called Unreal Tournament. Equipment list: –At least 2 Computers –Switch –Router –Ethernet cables and Extension cords –Paper and pencil to plan your design Notes and Observations: We ended up with 1 huge... Continue Reading →

Learning Reflection 10

This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we went over on how/design to make a network. We than designed a network, built it in a lab, and played a game on the network with each other to see if it work properly. We designed the network as a star topology and had a hub/switch in... Continue Reading →

Lab 6

Jayce Hovis­         10-12-17 Objectives: My objective is to create a homepage, a web server, and a FTP User account to lock it down. Equipment list: – 2 Computers – Apache – XAMPP Links: – – – Questions: What is the most popular type of web server in... Continue Reading →

Lab 5

Jayce Hovis­         10-5-17 Objectives: My objective is to learn how a router, switch, and server operate to make a system work. Equipment list: – Tables (The one with columns and rows, not actual tables) – Switch --> – Router ---> (All these of these can be pictures) – Server --> – Envelope... Continue Reading →

Lab 4

Jayce Hovis­         9-20-17 Objectives: My objective is to connect to the other team with protocols and the router/switch. Once we do that we also need to do a set of Commands to make sure we are connected correctly. Equipment list: – Switch – Ethernet cables – Router – Power cords –... Continue Reading →

Lab 3

Jayce Hovis­         9-20-17 Objectives: My objective is to learn more about the OSI Model, TCP/IP model, and understand Computer Networks, as well as what layer they are located in. Equipment list: – A device in layer 1, layer 2, and layer 3 – A Table of the OSI Model – To... Continue Reading →

Lab 2: Network Cables

Jayce Hovis­         9-14-17 Objectives: My objective is to make a twisted-pair cable that that is reliable and correct. Equipment list: – Crimp Tool – Wire Cutter and/or Scissors – Cable Insulation Stripper – Roughly 3 foot length of CAT5 UTP, (CAT5e works too) – 2 RJ-45 Connectors – Network System that... Continue Reading →

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